Townsville Basketball

Association of the Year

Townsville Basketball

Townsville Basketball has experienced a period of growth unseen by the association before as it celebrated its 70th year in 2020. They saw 37% growth when compared to 2019 the start of 2021, triggered by a revamp of its competition structures, a strong digital marketing presence and most importantly the recommendation of the sport from its current members.

Townsville Basketball has successfully revamped large components of its facility including new floors, roofing, emergency lighting and seating through grant funding. They are currently working on two projects valued over $1 million to continue to improve its facility for its members. These improvements include adding new air conditioning, a renovated courtyard to provide a social gathering space and improved change room facilities for its female participants.

Townsville Basketball launched a program in 2021 with the Cedar Gara Foundation to enable disadvantaged Indigenous Athletes the opportunity to play basketball and is working on expanding opportunities including the launch of a midnight basketball program.

The association’s significant growth in participation numbers has been matched by increased coach, referee and volunteer numbers.

Townsville Basketball are the worthy recipients of the 2021 Association of the Year award.