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Discovering next generation elite athletes

The Next Gen Program (NGP) is aimed at finding the next generation of athletes that could represent Queensland. The program will expose Under 12 and 14 athletes to a high performance environment and provide a taste of what to expect if they progress through the high performance pathway in the future.

Program objectives


Learning To Compete

Competitive drills against the clock, another team or other participants


Building Training Habits

Learning the value of maximising training time with how you listen and act on coaches instructions


BQ Style of Play

Getting coached in BQ offensive and defensive style of play as an introduction to future BQ program involvement


Developing Individual Skills

A focus on all athletes individual ability to dribble, pass or shoot and making those decisions at game speeds.

Our programs

The Next Gen 12s program is the first touch point in BQ's Player Development Pathway. These programs are conducted at Association's and aim to expose players to our style of play and performance expectations and standards.


No specific criteria,
Open to all eligible players.


Players born 2012-2014,

Played Division 1-4 in Junior Representative season.

Annually · Term 4

Next Gen 12's

The Next Gen Combine, introduced in 2024, is a two-day camp that acts as a pilot for what athletes can expect from the Future Development Program. The program will feature one camp in South East QLD, and another in North QLD. These camps will act as a process for early talent identification, while exposing athletes to a high performance learning environment.


BQ Coaches will identify athletes through Association programs, State Championships and Next Gen camps, based on a variety of areas such as game sense, skillset, tactical and athletic ability.


Players born 2012-2014.

Annually · Term 1

Next Gen Combine

The Next Gen 14s program looks to build on the skills and concepts learnt in the Next Gen 12s program and expose athletes to a competitive high performance environment with greater focus on skill acquisition.


No specific criteria,
Open to all eligible players.


Players born 2011-2012,

Played Division 1-4 in Junior Representative season.

Annually · Term 1

Next Gen 14's

The Next Gen Shooting program has been established to develop Queensland athlete's shooting skill. This program is broken in to eight session per team and is available in hubs based all across Queensland.


Athletes identified and selected from the Future Development Program (FDP) conducted during the year.


For Future Development Program athletes.

Annually · Term 3

Next Gen Shooting

The Next Gen Association program is available to all BQ affiliated Associations. The program aims to bring the BQ style of play to Asscoiation-operated development programs and is led by BQ Basketball Development Officers and coaches.


Associations can contact BQ Basketball Development Officer, Patrick McInerney (patrick.mcinerney@basketballqld.net.au)

Annually · Year round

Next Gen Association

Upcoming camps

BQ host a series of association camps throughout the year. See below what is up next.


Next Gen 14's - Northside

Thursday 4th April

Next Gen 14's - Northside

Northside Indoor Sport Centre



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Want to learn more about the Next Gen Program? Get in contact with our BQ Basketball Development Officer, Patrick McInerney via patrick.mcinerney@basketballqld.net.au.

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