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Representing athletes with intellectual impairment

The Ivor Burge Championships are the National Basketball Championships for Players with an intellectual impairment. Since the Australian Basketball team for People with an intellectual impairment made their international debut at the 1992 Paralympic Games in Barcelona, the Australian Sports & Recreation Association for People with an Intellectual Disability (AUSRAPID), together with Basketball Australia, created the Ivor Burge Championship.

The Queensland Ivor Burge teams are designed to train recognised athletes within our community to represent Queensland in a high-performance environment.

Joining the competition

Basketball Queensland’s goal is to provide a pathway for athletes with intellectual impairment and give them the opportunity to represent their state at an elite level.


The Ivor Burge Championships is for athletes with an intellectual impairment as per the VIRTUS classification requirements.

Based on this definition, the Virtus Eligibility Criteria for athletes with an intellectual impairment is:  

  1. Significant impairment in intellectual functioning which is defined as a Full-Scale IQ score of 75 or lower, and;  
  2. Significant limitations in adaptive behaviour as expressed in conceptual, social, and practical adaptive skills.

Queensland athletes that are selected to compete at the Ivor Burge Championships must be 16 years old or above.

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The Ivor Burge Championships are hosted in February each year in a location selected by Basketball Australia. Join the QLD Ivor Burge community via Facebook for all announcements and updates.

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