Behavioural Framework

Basketball Queensland’s code of conduct & play

U14 & U12 Technical Fouls

Automatic Disqualification from Technical Fouls:
  • Any Administrative technical fouls will NOT result in automatic disqualification. (eg - flopping, delay of game)
  • An ejection from a single technical foul in the U14 & U12 competitions will need to be based on behaviour towards an official, another player or behaviour that brings the game into disrepute.
  • If a player is given a technical foul for an administrative reason and then receives a further unsportsmanlike foul or technical foul, they will be disqualified as per standard FIBA rules and receive an automatic one match suspension.
  • One match suspensions are to be served by players, regardless of receipt of a report form. Basketball Queensland cannot issue a tribunal notice, or warning letter unless an official report has been submitted through the online JotForm. Paper forms or any other type of communication will not be accepted as an official report.

Warning Cards

A warning card

The use of spectator warning cards has been introduced into Basketball Queensland competitions to address poor spectator behaviour that may occur at any time. This gives a visual indication that their behaviour has been addressed and warned that any continuation will result in further consequences. The delivery of this warning card is noted to be more calm and effective from a team manager or team personnel who has a personal relationship with the spectator, rather than an independent person from another association.

Process of Warning Cards:

  • Court controller and/or Referee Supervisor to pass on warning card to team manager or team personnel to issue to identified spectator.
  • Team manager or team personnel to issue warning card to spectator and advise if behaviour continues, the team will receive a bench technical, and spectator will be ejected from the venue.
  • If behaviour continues, the referee supervisor, court controller or BQ staff (if present) will stop the game at the next stoppage and the bench technical will be issued to the respective team bench and spectator will be ejected and removed from the venue. The game is not to restart until that spectator has been removed from the venue.
  • If the spectator has received multiple warning cards over the course of a competition, this may result in a competition ban.
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