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Nov 23, 2023

2024 Basketball Queensland National Referee Program

2024 Basketball Queensland National Referee Program

Basketball Queensland is excited to announce the referees that have been selected for the 2024 National Referee Program (NRP).

The NRP is a designed to develop referees into NBL1 level competition. This is an 8-month program from 20th of November 2023 to 31st of July 2024. The program will include regular group & individual meetings as well as regular play calling, self-assessment, and mindset training.

Congratulations to the following referees:

Name Association
Benjamin Moore Brisbane Basketball
Hayden Fogarty Brisbane Basketball
Kobie Low Brisbane Basketball
Liam Hagarty Brisbane Basketball
Shaun Pascoe Brisbane Basketball
Kailu Luffman Cairns Basketball
Christopher Grayson Gold Coast Basketball
Melonie Lloyd Gold Coast Basketball
Riley Rohr Gold Coast Basketball
Sina Mahjoub Gold Coast Basketball
Zach Adams Ipswich Basketball
Kaleb Tutt Logan Basketball
Jake Bolton Mackay Basketball
Joseph McMath Mackay Basketball
Alex Sycz North Gold Coast Basketball
Ethan Blom North Gold Coast Basketball
Heath Langley North Gold Coast Basketball
Cooper Robson Northside Wizards Basketball
Daniel Silver Northside Wizards Basketball
Lucas Taylor Northside Wizards Basketball
Caleb Paterson Rockhampton Basketball
Sam Loughnan Rockhampton Basketball
Callum Regan SC Phoenix Basketball
Alex Maier Southern Districts Basketball
Jerome Yik Southern Districts Basketball
RJ Foster Southern Districts Basketball
Kaitlyn Horncy Toowoomba Basketball
Alex Roubicek Townsville Basketball
Caitlin Herd Townsville Basketball
Emily Plaza Townsville Basketball
Izzy Rowan USC Rip Basketball
Mitch Regan USC Rip Basketball