Aug 9, 2023

BQ announce partnership with Movement Improvement

BQ announce partnership with Movement Improvement

Basketball Queensland (BQ) are proud to announce their partnership with Movement Improvement.

This partnership will see Eugene Tee and his team join our High Performance program, with the goal to increase and optimise athlete performance and education around rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Eugene has been our Head of Medical for QLD State Teams during the Under 16 and Under 18 National Championships and has also begun as our National Performance Program (NPP) physio.

Movement Improvement sports physiotherapy, specifically deals with preventative measures, injuries and issues related to sport as well as improving athletes’ ability to improve efficiency, speed, and power.

Basketball Queensland’s High Performance Manager, Luke Cann, is excited to continue working with Eugene and his team.

“Since joining our program, Eugene has been an asset to our athletes particularly at National Championships. He has been great at working with our teams as they compete against the best in Australia,” said Luke Cann.

BQ has placed an emphasis on athlete well-being with the recent partnership with The Recovery Project.

Movement Improvement physiotherapist, Eugene Tee, believes this partnership is a valuable addition to BQ’s High Performance Program.

“It’s been great working with Queensland's elite basketballers over the last few years through the National Performance Program and I’m excited to continue this through all BQ pathways. Luke has put together a phenomenal High Performance Program and I’m thrilled to share his goal,” said Eugene.

BQ looks forward to working with Movement Improvement with a vision to expand their athlete recovery capabilities into the future.