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Mar 28, 2023

BQ introduce Behaviour Management Framework

BQ introduce Behaviour Management Framework

Basketball Queensland (BQ) has introduced a new Behaviour Management Framework as a measure to reduce harassment, bullying and intimidating behaviour in all state-wide competitions.

This framework applies to all people attending BQ competitions and tournaments, including coaches, team managers, staff, players, referees, technical officials and spectators. All affiliated associations are expected to adopt this framework (or similar) for domestic competitions to ensure consistency of expectations within our community.

The official rules changes include…

Junior Representative:

Technical foul reduction in U14 and U12 age groups:

  • Rule 6.6 c - “Any player, coach, assistant coach, or team manager that receives one technical fouls in a single game or is ejected from any game in the Under 14’s and Under 12’s Junior Representative Competition will receive an automatic one-game suspension for their next scheduled game”


Technical foul reduction in U14 and U12 age groups:

  1. Rule 4.11 b - “Any player, coach, assistant coach or team manager that receives one behavioural technical foul in a single game and is ejected from any game at the Under 14’s and U12’s State Championships will receive an automatic suspension for the next scheduled game.”
  2. Automatic suspension following ejection
  3. Once ejected from the game, player, coach, assistant coach or team manager will serve an automatic one game suspension. Team manager will not receive communication around this suspension. There will be no overturning of this rule, unless advised by Basketball Qld.

Basketball Queensland Warning Card:

Basketball Queensland will also be introducing a Warning Card which can be given to spectators that are displaying anti-social behaviours. The Warning Card features the below warning.

  “You are being issued a warning that the comments, gestures, and/or behaviours that you have directed at the players, coaches, game officials, or other spectators constitute excessive verbal abuse or behaviour that is disruptive or interferes with a game participant or another spectator in violation of the Basketball Queensland Code of Conduct. This is the first and only warning that you will receive. If, after receiving this warning, you continue to verbally abuse any player, coach, game official, or spectator, or engage in behaviour that is disruptive or interferes with a game participant or another spectator, your team will be issued with a tech foul and you will be immediately ejected from the stadium.”

The Warning Card serves as a method to encourage positive behaviours in spectators as they are outside of the technical officiating of the basketball game. These cards are issued and distributed by the venue Court Controller.

This new framework has been introduced across all Junior Representative competitions in Queensland and will be officially active for both the Boys and Girls Under 16 State Championships in April.

This behaviour management framework reflects the best practice of bodies such as Sport Australia, which support a change in sports culture.

Basketball Queensland CEO, Joshua Pascoe, believes these changes will lead to improved behaviour at all game levels.

“As the sport of basketball in Queensland continues to grow exponentially Basketball Queensland as an organisation identified that a clearer and more identifiable framework was needed to ensure we continue to provide and promote an environment free from harassment, bullying and intimidating behaviours,” said Joshua Pascoe.

Basketball Queensland Operations Manager, Chris Angus, believes that through adjustments in rules and the promotion of positive behaviours the Queensland community will benefit.

“We have adjusted and created a series of rules which we believe will assist us in successfully promoting this culture change. Our hope is that this framework is adopted by our 40 affiliated associations and enforces a positive standard across our game,” said Chris Angus.

This framework will be rolled out at all BQ tournaments including State Championship and CBSQ as well as all junior representatives competitions in 2023.