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Jun 26, 2024

Basketball Queensland commit $150,000 to ten associations as part of the Facility Project Accelerator Fund

Basketball Queensland commit $150,000 to ten associations as part of the Facility Project Accelerator Fund

Basketball Queensland (BQ) has awarded $150,000 through its new Facility Project Accelerator Fund, an initiative to support basketball's growth and participation across the Sunshine State. Recognising the critical need for improved and accessible facilities, this fund aims to assist associations with essential planning and advocacy work for their facility projects. Ten associations were selected and received up to $15,000 to kickstart their projects.

Feasibility studies, concept designs, business case documentation, site analysis, and advocacy documents were eligible for funding. These documents are all essential for successful facility development to meet the growing demand for basketball infrastructure.

BQ Chief Executive Officer, Joshua Pascoe, recognises that to grow the sport in Queensland we need to support and increase access to facilities. 

"Due to the exponential growth of basketball in Queensland, the number one priority for associations has become access to, and provision of, new facilities."

"Our aim with this funding is to provide associations with the necessary tools to have meaningful conversations with the government; this could be through contract consultants, site analysis, or business case documentation. We want to make it as easy as possible to support a facility upgrade or development in Queensland," said Joshua Pascoe. 

Among the ten recipients in this round were regional associations Mulgrave Magic and Goondiwindi Amateur Basketball Association. Like many, these associations are grappling with the challenge of catering to the growing interest in basketball participation.

Mulgrave Magic have close to 250 members and operates out of a one-court council recreation centre. The Facility Project Accelerator Fund is a lifeline for associations like this, providing much-needed support to establish a foundation for facility expansion.

Magic President Naomi Fulton says, "We're there six nights a week with no other court availability, and it's the only indoor facility on the northern beaches of Cairns."

For them, the lack of available space within their current facility means turning away players. However, Fulton says, "the funding has brought significant excitement to the Association."

"This is massive. We had been looking at expanding for years, and this funding has given us the needed momentum," said Fulton.

Similarly, Goondiwindi operates out of the PCYC, using two indoor courts for their Monday evening sessions, serving 95 members in just three hours. Sam Cathcart, President of the Goondiwindi Association, explains the difficulty of growing the game in the town.

"We applied for this funding to explore options for extending our existing facility or finding a new one. It's a learning exercise for us, and we hope a consultant will provide insights and ideas we still need to consider.

"Ultimately, we want a study that provides the feasibility of a new or improved facility so we could confidently seek additional funding," said Cathcart.

The following ten associations have received assistance funding.

Association Name
Funding Received Assisting with
Townsville Basketball Inc $15,000 4-Court extension to existing facility
Greater Springfield Basketball Association $15,000 4-Court new facility
Southern Districts Basketball $15,000 4-Court extension to existing facility
Sunshine Coast Phoenix $15,000 2-Court extension to existing facility
Goondiwindi Basketball $15,000 2-Court expansion of existing facility
Mulgrave Basketball $15,000 3-Court expansion of existing facility
Northside Wizards Basketball $15,000 4-Court expansion of existing facility
Ipswich Basketball $15,000 10-Court new facility
Brisbane Basketball Inc $15,000 6-Court new facility
RedCity Roar $15,000 4-Court new facility

The Basketball Queensland Facility Project Accelerator Fund is not just a financial boost but a significant step towards addressing the facility needs of our member associations. BQ is committed to growing the game and participation across the State.