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May 1, 2023

BQ announce partnership with The Recovery Project

BQ announce partnership with The Recovery Project

Basketball Queensland (BQ) are proud to announce their partnership with The Recovery Project.

This partnership will see The Recovery Project provide equipment for athletes in the High Performance Program, with the goal to enhance performance on-court by encouraging appropriate recovery off-court.

The Recovery Project aims to provide these athletes with the knowledge and expertise to maximise the effectiveness of the equipment and help them unlock their full potential from recovery.

Basketball Queensland’s High Performance Manager, Luke Cann, is excited to be working with The Recovery Project in 2023.

“The partnership with The Recovery Project will be an important part of our program; a lot of our athletes have busy sport and life schedules, and this allows them to take extra time out to focus on their physical and mental wellbeing, ensuring they’re able to perform at their best in all aspects in their lives,” said Luke

BQ’s ‘Recovery Zone’ is equipped with massage guns, ice baths, compression boots and much more.

The Recovery Project owner Peter Fowler believes this partnership is a valuable addition to BQ’s High Performance Program.

“I feel like recovery is potentially the missing piece of the puzzle to a lot of high-performance programs. But after talking with Luke, we could see it was something that he was keen to prioritise, so we’re really excited to partner with BQ on this,” said Fowler.

BQ looks forward to working with The Recovery Project in 2023 with a vision to expand their athlete recovery capabilities in the future.