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Jun 15, 2023

BQ Introduce Green Lanyard for U14 State Championship Referees

BQ Introduce Green Lanyard for U14 State Championship Referees

Basketball Queensland (BQ) is introducing an additional measure to encourage our basketball community in displaying positive behaviour towards junior officials.

All Basketball Queensland referees under 18 (17 years or younger) will be given a green lanyard to use with their whistle at the upcoming Under 14 State Championships.

This initiative aims to promote positive behaviours and interactions between players, officials, coaches, and spectators. After the U14 State Championships, BQ are planning to introduce this initiative across Queensland and at all BQ-sanctioned competitions.

BQ’s Technical Officials Development Manager, Alex McEwan, believes this will encourage positive behaviour and interactions with game officials.

“We believe that introducing the green lanyard will support our Behaviour Management Framework and serve as a reminder for spectators and coaching staff that we have zero tolerance for child abuse.”

“These tournaments are our best opportunity to educate and develop the next generation of referees. I believe that this initiative will allow our young, developing referees to walk away with a positive experience and support their retention in the game,” said Alex McEwan.

More information about the Behaviour Management Framework here.